The Lost Gold of The Alps


A group of adventurers hired by a financier try to find the legendary Salassi gold lode hidden in the mountains of the Italian Alps.


Episodes 1 – The origin of the Rosa gold

The group meets for the first time at a small mining village at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif and discovers the objective of the mission. But right from the start, different theories arise within the group on how to achieve the objective. The group then splits up to test the different ideas.

Episode 2 – A Mysterious Lake

The group’s interest focuses on a mysterious alpine lake that would seem to contain part of the strand the adventurers are looking for. But unravelling its origin and verifying the possible presence of gold material will prove very difficult.

Episode 3 – Hidden Mines and Illegal Miners

To find the legendary Salassi lode, the group splits up. Some enter an old abandoned mine to verify the provenance of the gold found in the lake. Others instead focus on the past, investigating the traces left by old miners who searched for gold over the centuries without a regular concession.

Episode 4 – An unexpected arrival

As the team travels to higher altitudes to search for the three entrances to a mine that, according to an ancient document, may contain the legendary gold seam, a new character joins the team, upsetting the group’s fragile balance.

Episode 5 – The Mystery of the Water

The group has to regroup quickly in order to explore the lost mine and find out if it really does contain the gold lode and discover the secret behind the mine.