Mountain Heroes – Season 2

Discovery Channel

In the second season of “Moutain Heroes” watching over the safety of hikers and mountaineers, seven days a week, are the men and women of the Centre Nucleo Elicotteri of Trento: they are considered angels of the mountain, they are Mountain Heroes.
Technical Info

Director Michele Melani
Executive Gottardo Giatti
Author Luca D’Andrea
6×45′ 4K
Discovery Channel Italy

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In one of the most hostile environment, the mountain, our protagonists are ready to face the gorge which opens under them. In Trento a team of heroes risk their own life saving who tried to cross his limits.

2.000 interventions in the year, 1.500 hours of flight, 10.000 kilometres of terrain. 5 helicopters, 70 specialists 24h, 7 days a week. Thousands of lives saved.

The series, composed by 6 episodes of 1 hour each, tells stories about mountain rescues with high adrenaline contents.  But the mountain rescuer’s work is not only assistance to daredevil base jumpers, hikers and alpinists who are in difficulty, it is also prevention to avoid accidents, avalanches, making safe disconnected paths, maintenance of inaccessible refuges and protection of the local fauna.

In a magnificent scenario, considered UNESCO World Heritage, the Centre Nucleo Elicotteri of Trento invites us to give a look to a reality where the border between adventure and tragedy is feeble and fragile as a snow flake.