Frontline battles

History Channel

The heroic and extraordinary survival skills of World War 1 soldiers in one of the planet’s harshest environments: the Dolomites
Technical Info

Concept development and production of content
Director Michele Melani
Author Producer  Gottardo Giatti
3×12 min – 4K
Mediaset Italia 1 – 2017

In May 1915 First World War broke out between Italy and Austria: a new kind of conflict was born – high altitude mountain warfare!

Survival Expert Ben Major is dropped into the high altitude mountain warfare conditions of the Italian-Austrian Frontline during World War 1. With only an old rucksack and a few props to survive,  Ben must travel through the type of harsh terrain the soldiers faced during the mountain war. He receives some help from the 4th Alpini Parachute regiment, special mountain troops of the Italian army. Ben treks through some of the most famous battle sites of the war including the Tre Sassi Fort, Mount Lagazuoi, Col di Lana and the Torre Vinatzer, where he recounts the bloody battles and finds out about the incredible military tactics and survival strategies with the aid of authentic reenactors.