Cooking Stars

«I have worked with Formasette recently. They are brilliant at what they do, they always step up to the challenges they face»
Norbert Niederkofler, 3 Michelin Stars Chef
«Formasette continues to dedicate themselves to a first class finish»
Heinrich Schneider, 2 Michelin Stars Chef – Restaurant Terra
«I would recommend Formasette to any chef-colleague for any type of work as their experience is second to none and they can turn their hand to anything»
Martin Obermarzoner, 2 Michelin Stars Chef – Restaurant Jasmin
«The guys at Formasette are fantastic in developing filming solution options for us. Our food business requires regular updates and the need for regular filming on budget on time is critical»
Gisela Schneider, Manager – Terra The Magic Place Hotel
Care’s The Documentary Trailer
«I’m really very impressed about your work»
Paul Ivic, Michelin Star Chef – Restaurant TIAN Vienna